Our heart is to see parents launching their children successfully into the world with true mission, purpose, and character – deeply rooted in a sincere relationship with Jesus Christ.

We aim to prepare our children by the time they reach high school to be launched as godly individuals who:

  • Approach and work through challenges and struggles in a healthy way
  • Think and dream BIG without letting fears or doubts holding them back
  • Operate with true security, peace, and confidence no matter what happens to them or the people they love
  • Make a significant difference in this world.  They are agents of change that think and live beyond themselves and their own desires and wants
  • Live as role models who lead with integrity and character, implement real solutions, care for others with genuine compassion, and guide others with conviction
  • Communicate with truth and love in a clear and compelling way
  • Understand the value of and have the skills to become beacons of hope and help others with their burdens while not becoming overwhelmed themselves by stress, fear, and all sorts of pressure
  • Step into and create healthy relationships with peers, coworkers, siblings, and maybe even their future spouse
  • Most of all, are individuals fully in love with Jesus Christ and living for Him with all that they are and all that they have

How is this being accomplished?