Our mission is to provide a powerful platform for busy parents launching children to impact the world with Godly character no matter what comes their way.

We believe that it is critical to make sure our kids are ready to be launched with purpose and direction by the time they get to high school. That means we must launch them from a strong foundation (Biblical) with the true power source (God) with a clear vision and heart for the lost and the tools for success.  No one else is going to prepare our kids.  It has to be us as parents or it isn’t going to happen.

We know that the challenges of being a parent are immense with all the responsibilities you have inside and outside of your family, so we have worked hard to create something that can be interwoven into your family’s life to strengthen the character of your kids and supplement what you are already doing.

So what is this?  The concept is simple: to have a targeted character trait on a “Leader Attribute Board” (which can be a simple chalkboard, corkboard, or whiteboard) located in a central part of your home. Throughout the week, this character trait can be a catalyst for discussions, activities, games, and more. You’ll be shocked at the amazing conversations that take place by just having a purposeful, Godly trait to talk about during the week.

I have posted all of the character traits for every week of the year so all of us can go over the same traits at the same time. And as this community grows and deepens, more families will share ideas for movies, games, activities, discussion topics, and more – all related to the character trait for the week.  If you’re in an area with other families doing this, there may be activities you may do together. You can use as many resources posted there or as little as you want, but even just having the trait on the board and going over it with your kids gives them a Biblical concept that they can become familiar with.

These character traits aren’t just randomly picked or haphazardly thrown together. These have been assembled with much research on indicators of success, leadership principles, necessities for healthy individuals, but most importantly from principles for godly leaders. We want our kids to grow up to handle success and failure in this difficult world we live in. We want them to be successful not just in earthly ways, but in heavenly ways. We want them to be spiritual leaders, not just followers. It’s important for our kids to go into high school, college, the workplace, even their marriages and churches with a clear mission to bring others closer to Christ and see the powerful work of God transform their world. These types of missional leaders are not created by chance. As parents, we ourselves must lead with intentionality, create opportunity for transformative discussion, and emphasize full submission of God.

This is the heart behind Launching Ground and I am very excited that God will continue to do something amazing in my kids and your kids as well through this.

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